SetupCast Software Publishing System

SetupCast is a revolutionary new publishing system for software developers

With just one click you can...

  • Generate and publish detailed information to your website about your software release
  • Create a zip version of your installer
  • Upload and link to multiple installers
  • Publish a RSS feed to notify your customers of a new release
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Built for Windows 7 or Vista 32/64, XP or Windows 2000

  • One Click Publishing

    Publishing a new release of your software doesn't have to be a painful process!

    SetupCast makes it easy for any developer to release a new version of software and update their website without having to worry about remembering all the details.

    With one-click publishing you can upload all of the files related to your software release in a single FTP session.  This includes installer files for Full Install downloads, Web Installations, Web Updaters, RSS feeds and the generated HTML/XML files needed to update your website.

    Each file is uploaded exactly where it belongs on your website and logged to a report.

  • Automatic Content Generation
  • Multiple Distribution Sets
  • SetupBuilder Enhancements
  • Synchronized RSS Feeds
  • Fast Republishing

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